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What’s going on with Omos?

Omos wrestled against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39 in early April, in what was perhaps the highest profile match of his WWE career. One month later, Omos had arguably the best match of his WWE career against Seth Rollins at Backlash.

Omos followed up that match up by...disappearing off WWE television for three months? Yeah, pretty much.

The (very) big man was designated as a free agent during the 2023 WWE Draft, days before his match against Rollins. WWE hyped up his free agent status as a shrewd negotiating tactic by his manager, MVP. But nothing has come of that angle so far.

The last thing I heard about Omos was that he got married in late May or early June. But there’s no way a honeymoon goes on for two months, so I’ve been scratching my head wondering what’s happened to this guy since then.

Last month, I aggressively asked a bunch of strangers on the street if they knew what the heck is going on with Omos. Quite a few folks ran away from me and/or told me to leave them alone. But the ones who were willing to indulge my inquiry responded by saying Omos is an attraction, and WWE is simply saving him for the biggest events of the year.

I didn’t see any convincing arguments to back up the claim that Omos is more of an attraction than other mid-card wrestlers on the WWE roster, but I tried to keep an open mind. WWE would surely book a big attraction like Omos on its SummerSlam card at Ford Field in Detroit, right? But several more weeks went by and Omos is not in the mix for this Saturday’s event.

So I decided to check out the database at CageMatch and noticed that Omos actually did return to action on some WWE house shows starting in late June. He has wrestled six total matches since then (most recently on July 30), going over the likes of Rick Boogs, Akira Tozawa, and Johnny Gargano.

Is WWE trying to get Omos some more in-ring experience on house shows before putting him back on TV? Is it a case where creative just can’t come up with anything for him right now? Or maybe they do have a plan but there is no rush to get around to it, because they are waiting to wrap up all the summer stories first?

I don’t really know what’s going on with Omos’ disappearance from WWE television, Cagesiders. Maybe you can help me out by chiming in the comments below with your best guess on when we’ll see him again on either Raw, SmackDown, NXT, or PLE.

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