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Sheamus is dumping on WWE’s bad creative again

Earlier this summer, Sheamus wasn’t too happy with WWE’s insane booking decision to leave him off the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in the United Kingdom.

In a new interview with the Daily Star, the Celtic Warrior takes another shot at WWE creative, this time going back to last year’s disappointing follow-up on his match-of-the-year candidate with GUNTHER at Clash at the Castle.

“I’m not upset about [losing the match] at all. I felt it was great, it was just the type of character Sheamus is, all fists and elbows.

What I was upset about and what really bothered me was the creative after that.

I came out of that with so much organic momentum, and it was just wasted. It didn’t go anywhere.

It was a dead end, just like with WrestleMania. Drew went away because he was injured, but I was ready to go and then just nothing.

There were no avenues and nowhere to go and that’s frustrating.

I did the War Games thing [after Clash at the Castle] but that was s*** - that’s how I felt, though others might have felt differently.”

Sometimes when I criticize a wrestler for saying something ridiculous to defend the company he works for, I receive feedback along the lines of ‘What did you expect him to say? He’s not gonna bite the hand that feeds him.’

Well, Sheamus’ answer here is a refreshing reminder that wrestlers don’t need to mindlessly spout the company line. Despite putting on banger after banger, the only two WWE pay-per-view events that Sheamus has competed on this year are Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, and he’s not going to pretend like he’s cool with that. For what it’s worth, Sheamus is currently scheduled to be part of this weekend’s SummerSlam Battle Royal presented by Slim Jim.

Do you agree with Sheamus that WWE dropped the ball multiple times on his creative direction over the last year. Or is the competition for WWE PPV spots just so crazy right now that even former main event stars like Becky Lynch aren’t guaranteed a spot on major shows?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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