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WWE partners with NFL to sell title belts to every team, even ones without Super Bowl titles*

* Except, at least for right now, the one from Jacksonville that’s owned by Tony Khan’s dad.

Pretty impressive merch deal for Nick Khan & team here, as WWE announced today its partnering with a little outfit called the National Football League (ever heard of it?) to sell title belts customized for all 32 teams.

WWE & NFL announce first-ever officially licensed NFL legacy title belts

The National Football League and WWE® (NYSE: WWE) today announced a multi-year licensing deal to create NFL-inspired WWE legacy title belts featuring the official colors and branding of all 32 teams.

The line of officially licensed NFL products launches today on, and This marks the first-ever licensing agreement between WWE and the NFL.

For years, WWE has sent custom championships to Super Bowl winners (and teams that win championships in other sports) as a public relations/marketing move. Now, you don’t have to wait for your favorites to win a Lombardi Trophy to get a strap with their name and logo on it.

In fact, your team needn’t have ever won a Super Bowl or NFL championship in its history to get one! Seems kind of lame to me, but I was fortunate enough to be born into the fandom of a team that’s got six Lombardis... so congrats, Bengals fans!

We figure that’s why they’re calling them “title belts”, because every team’s at least finished atop their division (that jab at my Steelers’ rivals in Cincinnati sidesteps the fact they’ve won our division and conference titles multiple times).

The use of the word “belt” in the marketing materials for these does seem like a sign we’re entering the Endeavor era of WWE. Vince McMahon never would have approved that...

Anyway, get your team’s at on, or Just don’t swing it around like Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31 when you’re tailgating. Getting smacked in the face with one of those things would hurt like heck.

UPDATE: Good thing I didn’t go with the joke about how this could be the way Tony Khan finally gets a WWE title. The Jacksonville Jaguars version was originally listed, but has been pulled from all three online stores. No confirmation this is because the Jags are owned by Shad Khan, father of AEW head honcho Tony, but...

UPDATE 2: Fanatics responded to a fan on X/Twitter to say the Jags belt is sold out and will be re-stocked soon. We’ll let you make your own decision about the validity of that.

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