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A night of tributes

I would normally use this space to talk about something I found noteworthy and/or interesting from the week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown before putting up the playlist of videos WWE released from the show. There were things that happened that I liked enough to do so — Bobby Lashley spearing Butch out of his shoes and keeping his glasses on the whole time stands out — but this was a tribute show to two great wrestlers, great men, and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Instead, I’ll just post the tributes WWE put together for them.

For Bray Wyatt:

For Terry Funk:


This was about as well as WWE could have done considering how little time they had to prepare for a show like this. There were many tributes and tears but the way they ended the show absolutely floored me:

Every time I see a lantern now, I’ll be thinking of a man who once held the whole world in his hands.

Here are all the videos from SmackDown:

With love for all of you.

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