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Updates on WWE’s plans for SmackDown (Possible SPOILERS)

We’d heard WWE scrapped some plans last night when the wrestling world was rocked by the news Windham Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt, died at age 36 after suffering a heart attack. Our Cain Knight was one of many voices calling for tonight’s SmackDown to be a tribute to the three-time WWE world champion, and while nothing official has been announced there are signs that will be a big part of the re-worked plans for Aug. 25’s show.

WWE removed the return of Jimmy Uso from their online promotion of SmackDown, but the two other previously announced matches (IYO SKY defending the Women’s title against Zelina Vega and United States champion Rey Mysterio in non-title action against Grayson Waller) are still listed. No Bloodline angle should free up a considerable amount of time, and Wyatt’s man on the creative team teased something special that could fill some or all of those minutes.

That’s in line with a tweet from scoopster BWE, who claims the “show will go on” with “tributes throughout, from match types to promos” for both Wyatt and the legendary Terry Funk, who died on Wednesday. The account added that it will be an “emotional night as we have lost two great names this industry have ever witnessed”.

Lastly (at least for now), PWInsider reports that Cody Rhodes will be at tonight’s SmackDown in Louisville, Kentucky. Braun Strowman is also apparently being brought in, but the site doesn’t mention what either will be doing — or if Braun will even appear on camera.

We’ll see how this all comes together. If nothing else, the always amazing WWE video production team will certainly have some great packages for us.

Join us in our live blog at 8pm ET for some group catharsis.

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