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Bronson Reed shares that his wife Paige is expecting their first child

Some happy news in what’s been an extremely rough week for the extended wrestling family... on his Instagram, WWE’s Bronson Reed (real name Jermaine Haley, fka as JONAH) has been sharing about the journey his wife Paige & he have been taking to have their first child.

Yesterday (Aug. 24), Reed posted that their in vitro fertilization (IVF) efforts have been a success. The couple is expecting a daughter next year.

Thank you to all of those that reached out when I spoke about the IVF journey my wife and I have been on.

Paige has been an absolute rock star through the whole process and is truly my hero.

We were successful and are expecting a baby girl! BIG DADDY COMING IN 2024.


NXT fans may remember Paige from Reed’s North American title win in 2021 just before his first WWE run ended when the company released him.

He was brought back to the company last December, has been a member of the Raw roster ever since.

And now he & the love of his life are going to be parents! On behalf of the entire Cageside Seats community, join us in sending congratulations to the mother and BIG DADDY to be.

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