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John Cena, Alexa Bliss & many, many more say goodbye to Bray Wyatt

The entire wrestling world is still struggling to process and cope with the shocking, tragic death of Windham “Bray Wyatt” Rotunda, which happened yesterday (Aug. 24) when the 36 year old former WWE champion suffered a heart attack.

From his legendary rivals to legends he never met to behind-the-scenes players and independent wrestlers he made time for, the wrestling world is reacting by remembering Rotunda as a collaborator, friend, mentor, or just someone they admired from afar.

Here’s another roundup of those tributes.

NOTE: Where people have quote-tweeted the news of Bray’s death or some other remembrance, or in cases where the full message doesn’t display in the tweet, we’ve cut & pasted their words and linked to their tweet.

Lexi Cabrera, aka Alexa Bliss:

I’m just in shock. Extremely heart broken And at a loss for words. What I can say is what an amazing human being Windham is. An Amazing & kind friend. one of the most creative minds to ever walk this earth. Windham, you’ve brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around you. It’s going to take me some time to really process this. Sending my love to the Rotunda Family, Jojo & their babies. We love you Windham

Alexa Bliss’ Twitter

Rob Fee was hired for the WWE creative team last year while working with Wyatt on the “White Rabbit” angle that preceded his return at Extreme Rules. Here’s the full text of his message:

I was thinking about Bray’s first promo after his return and how he wanted it to be unlike anything he had ever done before. He wanted it to be Windham. All of it was true. He was nervous. He didn’t want to disappoint. But more than anything he was excited to be back with his friends to do what he loved.

He was always creating.

He loved calling and talking for hours about obscure 90s made for TV horror movies or YouTube videos with 400 views that inspired him. He loved that “cover! spear! bray wins!” is a meme. He loved giving the fans pieces of a puzzle and joyfully watching as they assembled it. He truly loved that you all loved him.

I feel so lucky to have known him.

I will miss my friend very much. I don’t think I’ll ever fully comprehend that he’s gone. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I love you, hoot.


Tragic news. Windham was an exceptional talent in the ring. His creation, Bray Wyatt, is an iconic character. Backstage, Windham was a lot of fun to be around, one of those people who never had a bad day. What a loss, both professionally and personally.

Renee Paquette:

Like all of us, I just can’t stop thinking about Windham and his family. I can’t believe it’s real. He was such a light and such electric energy. I can hear his laugh now. I get goosebumps remembering how the crowd would react when the lights would go out and the bass line would hit. He was so very special. Love to the Rotunda family.

The Miz:

The world lost a good one today. Bray Wyatt’s story telling ability along with his unique creativity in the ring was a force that kept your eyes glued to the television screen. Windham Rotunda’s fun-loving, free spirit paired with his infectious laugh is what I will truly miss the most. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Rotunda family. Rest well my friend.

The Miz’s Twitter

Johnny Gargano:

I’m absolutely stunned. Bray was a once in a generation storyteller and just an amazing human being. He was always so incredibly kind and welcoming. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.


Very sorry to hear of Bray Wyatt’s passing. It’s very sad. Unfortunately, I never got to know this man, but watching him perform, you can instantly tell he was extremely talented & creative. And more importantly hearing how great of a person he was. My condolences to his family. #RIPBray

Zelina Vega:

One memory that will always stick out in my head. Back in 2015, I was traveling with WWE as a rosebud just praying to get a job. Trying whatever I could to show how badly I wanted it. One person who always saw, appreciated and celebrated those efforts was Windham. One of the scarier things an independent wrestler can do is come in before SmackDown started and have a tryout match in front of the office and “the boys” (just anyone from the locker room who happened to be around the ring that day) and this particular day, I was GOING FOR IT, working my ass off in that ring and Windham stopped what he was doing to watch, to clap for me, to start a “Thea, Thea, Thea” chant [crying emoji] a group clap happened after the match.. he then went up to people in the office who were watching the tryout matches and in front of everyone said “SHE should be with us.”

He stuck up for his friends. Selfless and inspirational. The lump in my throat won’t go away. You’re so so missed.

JoJo, I can’t imagine what you and your family are going thru.. the man who had the whole world in his hands always wanted to give it to you and those beautiful kids. Sending so much love to you Jo. I’m so so sorry.

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