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It sounds like Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion against Santos Escobar

Rey Mysterio’s match against Santos Escobar on the July 28 episode of SmackDown was stopped early by the referee after Rey suffered a head injury in the bout. Follow-up reporting indicated that WWE’s medical team believed Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion in the match, and that’s why it was called off.

Escobar himself has now commented on the match. During an interview on Ten Count with Steve Fall, Santos confirmed that Rey did indeed suffer a concussion:

“Rey and I went hard at it. That’s what we agreed upon. We have a very long relationship. We have a bond. And when you have that, you go hard. And that’s what happens when you go hard. I’m just glad that he had a small, mild concussion. But he came back hard, and then, well you know what happened a couple weeks after the fact.”

Santos is referring to the Aug. 11 episode of SmackDown, where Mysterio returned to the ring and defeated Austin Theory to become the new United States champion. I didn’t realize that Rey came back hard during the bout. Regardless, Theory couldn’t even last three minutes in there with him.

How do you see Mysterio’s reign as US champ playing out from here? Will he eventually have a falling out with Santos Escobar over the belt? Or will that piece of shit Dominik eventually ruin his father’s run with the gold? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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