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Tiffany Stratton vows to be a better NXT women’s champion than Becky Lynch (UPDATED)

Tiffany Stratton wasn’t booked to wrestle on this week’s special “Heatwave” episode of NXT television because she doesn’t currently have a top contender for her NXT women’s championship. So instead she got to cut a promo before a group of wrestlers hit the scene to advocate for themselves, setting up an easy way to find her next challenger.

That promo:

What’s noteworthy here is that she vowed to be a better NXT women’s champion than Becky Lynch.

Lynch, of course, was never NXT women’s champion.

You know who didn’t make the list and noticed this error? Shayna Baszler, who has an important note to make about it:

Roxanne Perez, Blair Davenport, Kiana James, and Gigi Dolin is a solid list of potential contenders to the title. If they end up winning it from Stratton they, too, can become a better NXT women’s champion than Becky Lynch.

What an honor!

There’s also this to consider:

UPDATE: The response on social media was such that NXT instantly did this:

Which is a pretty funny justification for saying she would be a better champion than Lynch. She’s so relevant she used her when she shouldn’t have but it’s okay because actually she’s relevant? Sure!

This title run is going swimmingly.

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