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The combo of Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle, aka McRiddle, is as value menu as they come

WWE needs to cancel this order fast.

When Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle began to bond after the former saved the latter from an Imperium beatdown in July, I assumed that WWE was using the situation as part of the build toward McIntyre’s match with GUNTHER at SummerSlam.

Then, at WWE’s biggest party of the summer, I watched as McIntyre made a melancholy march into battle before losing to the Ring General and exiting the ring in what appeared to be an even more frustrated mood.

And now I may know why.

He was getting saddled with Matt Riddle.

After the newly formed team lost to the New Day on Raw, thanks to an unwelcomed assist by the Viking Raiders, McIntyre tried gently to get out of their partnership. That’s when the New Day showed up and supported Riddle’s suggestion that the two give it another shot, with Xavier Woods even naming the duo McRiddle. (Be careful what you ask for, Drew.)

McIntyre didn’t say yes to the idea, but he didn’t exactly say no either, giving us no clear indication of where things will go next, which is scary, given recent history.

Two years ago, when WWE paired Riddle with Randy Orton, the plan was for Orton to turn on the Jeff Spicoli-wannabe on their first night together, according to the Original Bro. Instead, the two became a thing, and they remained together until Orton stepped away last year due to injury. So it’s not unreasonable to think that McIntyre could wind up slumming it with Riddle long-term, which would be unfortunate.


Because it’s the same Matt Riddle who Dana White once dubbed a moron after releasing the former fighter from the UFC and whose personal issues are rumored to be why WWE is unwilling to push him right now.

If that rumor is true, perhaps Riddle’s best contribution to wrestling is as its sacrificial lamb, with WWE using him to reignite McIntyre’s stalling career with a much-needed heel turn. It also gives McIntyre someone to use as an immediate punching bag to reassert himself as a heartless badass and championship contender.

But if McIntyre does indeed get stuck with a troubled partner in a tag team whose moniker sounds like a value menu item, he’d be better off working for McDonald’s, trading Riddle for Ronald.

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