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Updating Roman Reigns’ chase for history

WWE, via USA Network

According to, Roman Reigns has held the WWE title for 502 days. For Reigns to become the fifth man in WWE history to carry that particular crown for 1,000 days, he’ll need to hang on to it until December 29, 2024.

If Reigns can do it, his concurrent run with the Universal Championship would extend to 1,581 days, putting him behind Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino for the third-longest men’s world title reign ever. Currently, the Head of the Table is 155 days from passing Sammartino’s second championship run, which lasted 1,237 days. The record, held by Sammartino, is 2,803 days.

Only six wrestlers in WWE history have held a championship for 1,000 days or longer, with Sammartino being the only person to do it twice. As it stands, The Tribal Chief is fifth on that list and has the sixth-longest title run of any champion ever in WWE, with the Fabulous Moolah topping all title holders at a whopping 10,170 as Women’s Champion.

As the self-appointed Noble Scribe to the Tribe, I’m rooting for Reigns to smash Bruno’s all-time mark. My wife and I have already reserved a hall for May 4, 2028, the day he’ll break said record, where we plan to celebrate Reigns’ history-making feat.

But maybe I’ve been setting my standards too low.

Perhaps I should pull for my Tribal Chief to demolish Moolah’s record, which would only take another 25 years. Sure, he’d be 63 years old then. But Sting, AEW superstar, is still going strong at 64. And with the schedule Reigns keeps, the advances in anti-aging supplements and medicine, it’s not unreasonable.

Then again, I wouldn’t want my Tribal Chief to work that hard. Breaking Bruno’s record will suffice.

What say you, Cagesiders? How long do you think Roman’s reign will last or should last? Please acknowledge our Tribal Chief in the comments below.

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