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Edge tells Toronto crowd ‘this is my last one in front of y’all”

After word started to spread that Edge’s match on the Aug. 18 SmackDown might be his last, he revealed it would be the last one on his current WWE contract. Beyond that, the Rated R Superstar said he hadn’t made any decisions about his wrestling future.

The WWE Hall of Famer also talked about the emotional and physical toll matches take on him now that he’s a 50 year old wrestling with a surgically fused neck. It gave the impression he was considering a return to retirement. But this is wrestling, so his comments also sparked speculation of an “Adam Copeland is All Elite” tweet at some point in the future.

Edge’s victory over Sheamus last night in Toronto was an emotional affair, but it didn’t give us a strong indication which was he’s leaning.

His remarks after the television cameras stopped rolling may have, however.

After putting over Sheamus, his trainer Ron Hutchinson (who trained a young Adam Copeland for free because he knew the kid from a single-parent household couldn’t afford to pay him), and WWE for being the place he met his wife & the mother of his two “rock star” daughters, Edge said:

“I don’t know what the future holds, I really don’t. I’ve got to sit at home this week, lick my wounds, talk to my family and see what they want me to do. But what I can say, Toronto, is thank you... Thank you for being the city that I have always been proud to represent, that I’ve always been proud to be announced from. And I came out here in full-on Maple Leafs gear, pandering to all of ya.

“But no matter where I make my main residence, this [Toronto] is always first in my heart. I am Canadian first and foremost, and I am so damn proud of that.

Toronto, what I can say is this is my last time in front of y’all. I don’t really think I can make it another full run to get here again for a match — I’m just being honest with you.”

But don’t let that be a downer. Cause man, what an experience you all gave me. I will never forget it. And when I’m 84 years old and don’t remember much, you’re damn sure I’m gonna remember this.”

“Thank you.”

It’s not a retirement announcement, but it’s also not a promo teasing a move to another company.

Not that Edge would have said anything like that in a WWE ring, with WWE cameras rolling (just because it didn’t air on FOX doesn’t mean it won’t be on their YouTube channel or a future documentary special). But the way he continues to focus on how much effort it takes to prepare for, wrestle, and recover from matches makes it seem like he’s considering hanging up his boots more than he is an Edge & Christian farewell tour in AEW.

Check out his full remarks...

... and we’ll see what Edge decides.

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