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WWE announces Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus’ cage match for Payback, kinda

As expected (and as some predicted even before their match on the Aug. 14 Raw ended in a double count out), it looks like the Steel Cage match between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch will take place at WWE’s Payback premium live event on Sept. 2 in Pittsburgh.

The company hasn’t officially said anything... except in their international recaps of the most recent Raw:

The cage stipulation was announced by on-screen authority figure Adam Pearce during Monday’s show, but he didn’t reveal when the match would happen. In story, Stratus and her protege Zoey Stark weren’t happy about the provision, which supposedly will keep Stark from interfering as she has throughout Trish & Becky’s months-long feud. In reality, the WWE Hall of Famer’s been talking about wanting a chance to work this type of match for a while now.

Currently, this is the only match (kind of) booked for Payback.

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