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Charlotte Flair wants to break her dad’s world title record

Although there is debate around the actual number, WWE recognizes Ric Flair as a 16-time world champion, a record he holds alongside John Cena. For the longest time, it looked obvious Cena would be the one to finally get to 17 but now that he only occasionally wrestles show matches, someone else will have to step up to take the crown.

And there’s someone connected to Ric who just so happens to be at 14 world title reigns already — his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

She’s got her eye on the prize too, as she told New York Live:

“So John Cena just tied my dad. So now I have Cena and my dad to beat. But no, I’m definitely chasing 17. And I think if, or when I break the record, it’ll be like a woman did it in a male-dominated industry. And I hope that encourages women in all industries that we can do it all. Yeah.”

Charlotte turned 37 back in April, and she’s probably in the best shape she’s ever been in. There has long been talk of her moving on to outside projects — hey, it’s the name of the game at this point — but she still sounds motivated to accomplish a goal and there’s plenty of time left to get it done.

Think she makes it happen?

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