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A useless Rey Mysterio stat I’m nonetheless impressed by

Man, I’m getting old.

I know this because nothing works as well as it used to, and my body wakes me up to see every 7 am sky every single damn day of the week. Also because I see useless stats like this one and am nonetheless utterly impressed by it:

I remember being a kid in the 90s watching Mysterio in the middle of so many episodes of Monday Nitro, doing things I couldn’t believe a human actually could. I wasn’t any different than anyone else at that time, at least in the sense that I was most invested in Sting and the nWo, the invasion, and the old fashioned battle of good vs. evil. But the cruiserweight division tore the house down on a weekly basis, and Mysterio was a big part of that.

If you had asked me then that I would grow up, become the guy who runs a website dedicated to covering pro wresting, and would be writing about Mysterio still winning championships, well, I’d have started singing Vince McMahon’s entrance theme. Yet here we are, and Mysterio is still doing the damn thing every week on WWE television.

Impressive work, truly.

But, again, I’m getting old.

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