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Chelsea Green still plans to talk to the manager about new partner & co-champion Piper Niven

On Raw this past Monday (Aug. 14), Piper Niven abruptly announced herself as Chelsea Green’s new tag partner. Since Green & the injured Sonya Deville were holding the WWE Women’s Tag titles at the time, that would made Niven a champion.

It seemed like there was going to be more to the story, but the company quickly recognized Niven & Green as the champs. Which was weird, because Chelsea had been in the midst of an online talent search for Deville’s replacement, and that seemed to be generating some buzz.

Based on their appearance on The Bump yesterday, it seems safe to say there’s more to this story.

The champs were interviewed while in separate locations, and started with just Green, who insisted to Bump hosts Megan Morant and Matt Camp it was okay to go ahead and just speak to her. They did, and Chelsea said she was looking for “perfection” in a partner. After video from Raw of Niven taking out Katana Chance and taking one of the belts off Green’s shoulder was played, Chelsea said:

“I’m actually gonna have to speak to a manager about this entire thing. I’m not sure that she’s completely the right fit. But we’re gonna figure that out. I’m gonna talk to Adam Pearce on Monday...”

At which point Niven’s screen popped up...

... and Green reacted by saying:

“We were actually — we were just talking about how you were the perfect fit for ‘Chelsea’s Got Talent’! Piper Niven, everyone!”

Piper then explained how she was just looking out for her new partner when she shut down the audition process:

“Absolutely. When I saw these auditions going out on social media and just any Tom, Dick & Harry thought they were in with a chance, I thought, ‘This girl has no idea what she’s doing. Any psychopath could have wandered in there and taken advantage of her.’ What kind of predicament would she have been in then?”

The former NXT UK star isn’t much for social media herself and said she didn’t have a chance to look at many “Chelsea’s Got Talent” submissions. Niven did catch the clip of Robert Stone’s young sons they played on The Bump though, and said she’d consider them if “this doesn’t work out with Chelsea”.

Green did get excited when Piper called her frequent nemesis Pearce, “that bald grandpa who hangs around at work sometimes”, and over video of Niven squashing the likes of Candice LeRae & Mia Yim said her new partner was at the top of her list and that she’d planned on asking her to audition.

Niven dropped off the call again, and once she confirmed that Chelsea told the hosts she’s “still not totally above holding auditions”. But Piper returned, and Green went right back up to touting her new partner as physically and mentally strong... until the Scotswoman suggested their team name be “The Piper Niven Experience featuring Chelsea Green”.

You get the idea.

Seems like a fun twist on the odd couple tag team act that’s all the rage in pro wrestling these days, and Green & Niven have the chops — and seem to have the chemistry — to pull it off.

And hey, it’s not the “cursed” WWE Women’s Tag titles have anywhere to go but up.

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