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Lacey Evans’ WWE departure confirmed

Over the course of this week, Lacey Evans has teased her exit from WWE.

An Instagram post last night (Aug. 15) made it clear, with a caption telling people to address her by her real name Macey Estrella and putting a vest with her company-trademarked one emblazoned on the back “up for grabs”.

Today, both Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp say they’ve confirmed the 33 year old’s exit. The company has also now lists her as in the Alumni section of (something that would be more meaningful if they hadn’t just moved Jey Uso there for storyline purposes).

Estrella signed with WWE in 2016, two years into a wrestler career that began after five years in the United States Marine Corps. The company often seemed excited to push her as Evans, but also never quite seemed to know how. She may not have done herself any favors with moves like trying to work an angle with Cardi B with the popular rapper signing off on one first, and sharing misinformation about vaccines & autism.

No indication yet on whether or not Estrella plans to stay in pro wrestling. We’ll keep you posted.

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