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When WWE creative gives Becky Lynch lemons, she makes merch

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Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus were bumped off the SummerSlam card due to a timing issue. Unless they weren't.

Either way, a lot of people were angry, disappointed, or just downright puzzled that after a months-long feud the two women's wrestling legends weren't invited to WWE's Biggest Party of the Summer on Aug. 5 in Detroit. But as she is wont to do, Lynch turned it into something she and her employers could make money off of anyway.

First it was a tweet. Then it was memorable moment on Raw. And now, Becky turning the lemons she got instead of a SummerSlam booking into lemonade is merch.

If you don't like that design, there's also this one:

Another possible example of the truism that, on a long enough timeline everything in pro wrestling is a work. Hell, maybe even this will be someday.

Get yours here. You can wear it whenever Becky and Trish finish things (maybe) in a steel cage.

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