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Drew McIntyre wants help naming his team with Matt Riddle; we want a heel turn

In his review of the Aug. 14 Raw, my man Marcus expressed his disappointment that things went smoothly for the new tag team of Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle. Marcus wasn't alone, at least in the Cageside "offices". Geno also read McIntyre's reluctance to ally himself with Riddle before their match with Viking Raiders as a sign he'd be turning, and after I did my usual Tuesday morning watch of WWE's Monday night show (even those of us lucky enough to get paid to watch wrestling need a few hours off) I remarked that a babyface team-up was the least interesting thing they could possibly do with the Big Scot and the Original Bro.

But it looks like that's what we're doing. McIntyre & Riddle are facing The New Day next week in a clash of fan favorites looking to earn a Tag title shot, and Drew's posting on X to solicit team names.

It fits with what McIntyre (or Drew Galloway, speaking about his character) said about a possible turn during an interview on Stay Busy with Armon Sadler prior to SummerSlam:

"I know people are calling for a heel turn, but I'm not willing to do that unless it makes perfect sense. You know, we've got a lot of equity in McIntyre. When I show up at places like Special Olympics and see the effect WWE and McIntyre has on people, I can understand [John] Cena's perspective of not turning for so long. And he was on such a higher level and did so much outside the ring, but I can understand where he was coming from."

The two-time WWE champion didn’t rule it out though..

"But for the right time, the right moment, and if it was entertaining for the fans, I would be about that. One of my favorite runs outside the company was as a heel. And when that dark side comes out, it's pretty dark."

Now, an impromptu tag team with Riddle on television isn't exactly an epic moment - especially for someone who may or may not have just sat out for a few months over creative issues. But getting fans a little more invested in their partnership by crowdsourcing a name could be a step toward making this story feel bigger.

What I'm saying is, for those of excited to see Dark Drew... keep hope alive. And give us those team names in the comments below.

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