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Big E steps into a new role: movie actor

Big E’s Instagram

At this point, we’re catching up to where Big E’s been for a while — accepting that he might never wrestle again. The former WWE champion has been out of action since his neck was broken on SmackDown in March of 2022, and the most recent update he shared was that spinal specialists have told him he shouldn’t get back in the ring.

E’s stayed positive (natch), and busy. He’s been active with WWE’s NIL program, and served as hype man for the USFL’s Michigan Panthers. Now, we’ve learned about another project he’s been involved in: acting in a movie called F Plus.

The news came from Deadline when they reported Premiere Entertainment Group acquired the film and would be shopping the Swen Studios’ production at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). E shared their story, highlighting that F Plus’ screenwriter is his friend, ring gear designer Jonathan Davenport.

As you can see in E’s tweet, the cast of F Plus includes UFC legend-turned-action star Randy Couture, comedian Tommy Davidson, and prolific movie & television actor Jennifer Esposito. We don’t know much about E’s character Cliff Barker, but the family comedy focuses on “a group of young teenagers who plan the perfect heist to break into their middle school to alter their failing test grades.”

We’re hoping Barker is a middle school teacher, because we’re already laughing thinking about what Large Epsilon could do with a character like that.

Production on F Plus has already wrapped; it was completed during the ongoing actor’s strike under a SAG-AFTRA waiver granted to some independent film productions. WWE Studios is not involved in the project.

Excited to see Big E on a big screen?

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