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WWE finally gives Trish Stratus what she wants

After months of on-screen story and at least a couple weeks of backstage intrigue, the Aug. 14 Raw promised to deliver a rematch between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus.

It did that. What it didn’t deliver was an end to their story. The Hall of Famer and The Man couldn’t keep their fight in the ring, which resulted in a double count-out. That allowed Stratus’ protege Zoey Stark to get involved (she was banned from ringside, not the the arena concourse) for a beatdown after the bell.

Mostly though, it ensuring a program that started back in February will stretch until at least next Monday — and more likely until Sept. 2 when the Payback premium live event happens in Pittsburgh.

On-screen authority figure Adam Pearce told Trish & Zoey that whenever Stratus/Lynch III (or IV, if you count last month’s five second disqualification) happens, it will be in a steel cage.

Her character may not be excited about this development, but the woman who’s been playing Trish Stratus for twenty-plus years is. She told fellow Canadian Patric LaPrade last month that wrestling in a steel cage was on her bucket list, as its something WWE never even considered letting the women of her era do:

“I never had a cage match! And it doesn’t matter the type of cage. The one without a roof, a Hell in a Cell or an Elimination Chamber. There were so many things we weren’t allowed to do back then. I remember I was hit with a chair once and everyone was freaking out. And I was like, God, can you just hit me with a chair! So now I want a cage!”

The journey to it certainly was a bumpy one, but at least WWE is giving Trish what she wants.

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