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Edge returns early to set up match at 25 year anniversary celebration on SmackDown next week

The last time we saw Edge on WWE television, he was determining whether or not Grayson Waller would sink or swim in a match against him. “You swam” was the conclusion he came to, by the way.

Then, he took some more time off but in that time WWE announced a 25 year anniversary celebration for his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But that’s next week. So why the hell did he show up to Friday Night SmackDown in Calgary this week?

He wasted no time getting right to it — he wanted to set up a match for his big celebration next week. There’s one guy on the roster he’s never wrestled in all the time the two of them have been working for the same company and he wants to change that.

That man is Sheamus.

He went on to say it was Sheamus who we can thank for Edge even making the comeback he did in 2020. He did an episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts, and it was during that workout he realized he could actually be a wrestler again. And when he actually did decide to return, it was Sheamus he called to help him train.

Naturally, Sheamus arrived to shoot the breeze and tell his own story of trying to make it in the industry many years ago and Edge being the one guy who actually helped him along on his journey. It was a real nice feel good segment.

And it resulted in an agreement for a match between the two next week.

See you then!

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