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R-Truth is working towards a comeback, wants to be a Women’s Tag champ

R-Truth has been sidelined since last November when he tore his quad during an appearance on NXT. Two surgeries later, and the greatest WWE 24/7 champion of all-time* told us in January that he’d be back sooner than later. Earlier this week, he started to tease that return with this picture from the company’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida:

Which is good, because we sure do miss that dude, and are pretty excited for the Truth comeback. We were reminded how much by his response to WWE Women’s Tag champ Chelsea Green’s open auditions for a partner to fill-in for the injured Sonya Deville:

“Hey, what’s up, Chels? I heard you was having a audition. Yeah, yeah — I heard about that, girl. Pick me. I do a lot of stuff, Chels! Chels, I rap, I dance, I sing, I play the harmonica, I play the piccolo — pickleball. I even kill spiders on occasion. Not all spiders, cause Charlotte Web was a good one.

“But yeah, see, I’m working my way back to the ring and you know what I mean, [sings] ‘I’m working my way back to you, babe’ and I need something to do. You already got the Women’s Tag title. Let me be your partner ‘til your partner comes back. I can be your stand-in, your proxy. We gonna run the women’s tag division. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They get got. C’mon Chelsea. Pick me.”

Green is considering Truth since he seems to have overcome his fear of spiders (no word on how he’s doing with his ladder phobia), but he earned my vote with the piccolo/pickleball gag... who am I kidding? He had my vote from the moment I saw his face on Chelsea’s IG.

In all seriousness though, this man is a Mixed Match Challenge winner! If he’s cleared, the champ should just call off “Chelsea’s Got Talent” right now.

* Ron Killings is much more than that, an extremely talented & versatile performer who’s held or challenged for pretty much every belt in every promotion he’s worked for in a career that spans a quarter century and counting. But his 54 runs with the now mothballed 24/7 48/7 7/11 I-95 South European championship are the most recent — and were so dang entertaining — we’re going with that for now.

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