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Ricochet misses Braun Strowman, has an update on his health

WWE star Braun Strowman has been out of action since the beginning of May due to neck fusion surgery. It’s going to be quite while longer before we see The Monster back in a WWE ring, given the severe nature of this injury.

His tag team partner Ricochet has been holding things down in a singles role since then, including a high profile match against YouTube douchebag Logan Paul just this past weekend at SummerSlam.

During an interview with Ten Count Media’s Steve Fall, Ricochet was asked if he had any health update on the big man. Here’s what Ricochet had to say:

“He’s doing great. He had a little surgery, but he’s doing great. He’s recuperating. He’s doing fine. I know he’s ready to get back. I can only imagine that he’s ready to get back.

I miss my tag partner. I think we had something pretty good going. I think the fans were getting into it pretty good. And obviously, I want to be tag team champion, and I think who better to have at your side than the biggest man on the roster? ...I just can’t wait for him to get back. He’s doing great.”

Do you want to see the team of Ricochet and Strowman continue on whenever Braun is healthy enough to return to WWE again? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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