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Chelsea Green has a plan for replacing Sonya Deville and renaming the WWE women’s tag team belts

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sonya Deville underwent surgery this week to repair a torn ACL that she suffered in a July 28 tag team match on SmackDown against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair.

With Sonya out of action for an extended period of time, WWE needs to figure what to do with the women’s tag team belts. Will the cursed belts be vacated again, just like they were in May when Liv Morgan was injured?

Chelsea Green isn’t interested in that option; she’d rather go solo with the belts or hold talent auditions to replace her partner. Here are the ideas Green discussed while being interviewed on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast:

“I might even rename them. They might even be the Undisputed Unified World Heavyweight Women’s Tag Team Champion. No ‘s.’ UUWWTTC.”

...I’m thinking we do Chelsea’s Got Talent. I’m gonna need a buzzer, and a very, very comfy chair. I think that could work. You have to be a well-rounded human to be my partner, because look at all the things that I’m good at. Right? You can’t just be a one-dimensional wrestler, you have to be good at everything...The UUWWTTC Invitational.”

Do you think Chelsea is on to something here? If not, how should WWE address this situation? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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