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Trick Williams is breaking free of Carmelo Hayes

There were at least some teases of tension between NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and his trusty sidekick Trick Williams leading into The Great American Bash. The latter wanted to get after Ilja Dragunov, but the champ had business to handle himself. They pledged allegiance to each other, and at the end of the event Hayes remained champion with the two standing tall together.

But Trick still isn’t satisified.

We learned that early into this week’s episode of NXT television, as he sat down with Hayes for a talk about the future. During that talk, he made it clear he has to follow through on what he said about going after Dragunov and while he still has nothing but love for ‘Melo, he can’t be seen as a sidekick.

And that is most definitely how the fans view him.

It’s time, then, for Williams to go out on his own and see what he can do as a solo act:

The fans cheered this, and everyone seems on board with handling this separation like this. And you know what? It’s refreshing to see a partnership end this way.

Time to see what the future holds.

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