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Chad Gable isn’t done with GUNTHER

Chad Gable wrestled GUNTHER on Monday Night Raw this week, and he even beat him! Well, kind of. You see, they squabbled over the idea that Gable could even last five minutes in the ring with the Intercontinental champion so they quite literally put a timer up to see about just that.

And Gable beat that timer.

Of course, GUNTHER demanded the match continue, it did, and he won that with a powerbomb. But still! The match was great and they had a fun little story to tell with it.

Based on Raw Talk, that story may not be over either:

“GUNTHER, get yourself ready because on the other side of SummerSlam, Master Gable is turning the coaching techniques on himself. Take care of your business — I’ll be waiting for ya. And you’re paying for this chest, this five-star chest, and you’re paying for it with a lot more than five minutes because I’ll go five hours any day of the week, baby! Get yourself ready.”

I, personally, sincerely hope they revisit this following GUNTHER’s title match at SummerSlam against Drew McIntyre, regardless of the outcome of that match.

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