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Stephen A. Smith is still coming for Paul Heyman’s job

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has been doing a fair amount of business with WWE of late. He got Triple H’s first big interview after his health scare, which included The Game’s retirement announcement. The First Take host also was a talking head in the 2022, WWE-produced Ric Flair documentary, and got some of WWE CEO Nick Khan’s time before WrestleMania 39.

While promoting the Flair doc, Smith & The Nature Boy had some fun with the idea of Stephen A. entering the pro wrestling world as a heel manager. There was even some speculation he could get involved in ‘Mania with the most recent version happening in Southern California.

Alas, that didn’t come to pass. But with Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman visiting First Take today (Aug. 1) to promote SummerSlam this weekend, Smith was able to rekindle his existing feud with The Tribal Chief’s wise man...

Stephen A. is always very complimentary of Paul E., but he always follows the praise with the promise of taking Heyman’s spot.

Will it ever happen? Never say never. And given Smith’s gift for gab, we probably won’t even be mad if it does.

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