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Ricochet’s very good response to Logan Paul blaming him for botched Money in the Bank spot

It’s not official yet, but it’s pretty clear that Logan Paul and Ricochet will be facing off in a single match at SummerSlam on Aug. 5 in Detroit. This is a “showcase match” built on some of the big spots Paul & Ricochet have done in multi-man matches this year — especially the ladder-to-ropes-to-tables springboard Spanish Fly they attempted and mostly pulled off at Money in the Bank last Saturday.

WWE is said to have added a backstage brawl to their story after the ladder match moment didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, but Logan & Ric are doing pretty well using that move as the basis of their program.

On his Impaulsive podcast this week, Paul described the spot and what happened as shoot before adding a little worked shot at the One & Only in:

“Ricochet and I were supposed to do what’s called a Spanish Fly off the top rope. So one of our legs is on the rope, one of our legs is on the ladder, and we are supposed to hit it at the same time. When he hit that rope, it was before me. So he moved it, so I slipped down all the way to the bottom. Keep in mind, I’m a noob. So when stuff goes wrong? I don’t really know how to improv. So in my head I’m like, ‘How is this guy — this is fucked. We fucked this up. How is this guy gonna do this? Is he even gonna do this?’

Our legs are all twisted like this. I’m looking at him like, ‘Oh, this motherfucker is still trying to send this shit.’ I’m not even ready, his feet aren’t even planted, off the second rope, just hucks a backflip. I’m like, ‘Alright’. Went crashing through the tables, scraped my shoulder, I hit my head on the thing. I’m fine, no concussions or anything. It’s just a wild sport, man. I don’t know what I’m doing...

“I’m gonna be honest, he blew the fucking match for me. That’s why we got into it backstage. I got into a little tussle with him... I don’t know, brah. I felt like he was a little unprofessional.”

A tweet from the official Impaulsive account highlighting that last bit hit Ricochet’s feed this morning, prompting this very good response...

It’s similar to what past Paul foes have said about him, particularly Seth Rollins in the build to their WrestleMania match. But “you don’t belong here” is going to be the basis for a lot of feuds with outsiders like the Media Megastar — at least Ricochet’s comeback is a quick, clever comeback that gets lots of replies like these:

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