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LA Knight didn’t need to be on SmackDown to blow the roof off Madison Square Garden

WWE use of the mega-popular LA Knight continues to be a bit of a head scratcher.

We’re not talking to you about not having him win Money in the Bank last Saturday. Knight got plenty of time to shine in London, and Damian Priest is a smart choice as briefcase-holder for several reasons.

No, it’s things like continuing to have him act the heel when crowds clearly love him that confuses us. As does not putting him on our screens for either of WWE’s May shows from Puerto Rico... or on the one last night (July 8) from Madison Square Garden.

But WWE’s use of Knight hasn’t dulled his reactions. If anything, scenes like this from before the televised portion of SmackDown started in Manhattan prove the audience is more rabid than ever to see LA...

This scene demonstrates that the folks backstage know that Knight is guaranteed pop. There’s very little set-up here, with Hit Row just barely (and badly) trolling the New York City crowd before LA shows up to kick their asses to huge cheers. For all the praise and debate about his mic work, he doesn’t need much time there either. MSG was so anxious to chant his catchphrases they beat Knight to them. He could have showed up, asked whose game it is & bounced, and they’d still be checking the Garden’s roof for cracks this morning.

Does this mean they’re trying to encourage a “YES! Movement” or “KofiMania” for LA? Or does the guy who showed up backstage last night just not want to admit this 40 year old can be more than a mid-card manager?

Guess we’ll have to trust Triple H’s process and hope plans don’t change.

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