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Bianca Belair gets her shot at the WWE women’s championship next week

The WWE women’s championship scene is a bit of a mess right now, as evidenced by this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Asuka is champion but it feels every bit as though she is somehow playing second fiddle to her top two challengers, Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. Last week, Flair got her shot at the title and Belair showed up to ensure she didn’t win.

Now, all three are brawling all around the damn arena — something that nearly led to IYO SKY cashing in the Money in the Bank contract but ultimately failing because of that chaos — and it seems obvious we’re headed for a triple threat match.

But before we can get there, Belair will be getting her promised shot at Asuka on next week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown and, well, it sure seems equally obvious that Flair is going to cost Belair.

And we’ll end up with all three fighting over the championship at SummerSlam. Still, they have to actually tell the story and we’ll see how it plays out next week.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week right here:

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