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Big E has no answers about his wrestling future, but that’s still not the important thing

USFL: JUL 01 Championship Game - Pittsburgh Maulers vs Birmingham Stallions Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Around this year’s WrestleMania, there were some rumors floating around about WWE’s plans for Big E. Those gave the impression the eight-time Tag champ was close to returning to the ring after missing the past year-plus due to a broken neck.

E’s been forthcoming about his recovery from that injury, which he suffered on SmackDown in March of 2022. A comeback would depend on whether his fractured C1 vertebrae ossified, and how much new bone material was produced as it did. The New Day star shared he had a one year scan done on his neck in April, but other than confirming that hasn’t provided any details.

As Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick’s guest on this week’s After The Bell podcast, E provided this update:

“I feel great, man. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timetable. But the great thing is, I feel 100%. I don’t even feel like someone who broke their neck. My mobility is incredible — it’s great. My strength is great. I have no issues whatsoever.

“I wish I had some answers on returning to the ring. I got nothing, unfortunately. But the really beautiful thing is I feel great, body feels great. I’m really thankful for that. So yeah, man, life is good. I’m blessed. I could walk around. I could touch my toes. I could go to the gym — all those things. So, really grateful.”

Throughout his time away from the ring, which has included getting involved in WWE’s NIL Program and working with the USFL, E’s said that as he decides about his future he’ll consider all the wear & tear his body’s been through in his time as an athlete, and how that could impact his long-term quality of life.

Right now, he seems to be enjoying the current quality of that life. So while we’d definitely scream and possibly cry if he returned to Raw or SmackDown, we’re just grateful Large Epsilon is in a good place.

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