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WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt removes himself from MLW antitrust lawsuit

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Last month, WWE’s motion to dismiss MLW’s antitrust lawsuit against the company was shot down in the courts, which means the case will move forward and enter the discovery phase.

Now that it’s clear this matter will require a lot of time to go through the judicial process, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt has removed himself from the case, because he’s looking to retire before it is resolved.

The 73-year-old lawyer explained his decision in the following statement he gave to Wrestlenomics:

“As you may know, since early 2022 I have been working towards retirement. I had hoped that the Court would again dismiss MLW’s lawsuit as it did the first time. When it did not, and it became obvious that the case would run into at least 2025 in all probability, I advised my client that I would be wrapping things up by year-end and that it would make sense for them to secure counsel who can go the distance on the case now that discovery will be starting. There is also the chance that I might be a witness given the allegations. I will be 74 this January and it just seems like the right time to make necessary transitions.

We have worked with Paul[,] Weiss on other matters and they are an excellent firm who I will be helping get up to speed.

It has been a great 36-year run with a great Company and Vince [McMahon], and I am very proud of all that we accomplished during that time, and I will continue to help them any way I can.”

It’s not hyperbole to say McDevitt is one of the most important people in WWE history, as he helped navigate Vince McMahon’s company through many murky legal waters, including the 1994 steroid trial, the Owen Hart wrongful death lawsuit, the aftermath of the Chris Benoit double murder / suicide, and numerous concussion-related lawsuits.

But with Jerry’s retirement coming up soon, he and his K&L Gates law firm will be replaced as WWE’s representation in the MLW antitrust lawsuit by Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Warton & Garrison LLP. This law firm advised WWE earlier this year during the company sale process that resulted in the Endeavor acquisition / UFC merger that is still being finalized.

For what it’s worth, MLW posted the following tweet after the news broke:

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