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Drew McIntyre comments on recent time off, his WWE future

WWE’s The Bump

When it comes to why WWE fans hadn’t seen Drew McIntyre from April’s WrestleMania 39 until Money in the Bank last Saturday, we’ve heard everything from injury to contract negotiation to creative issues.

During his appearance on The Bump today (Weds., July 5), McIntyre brought the issue up himself. At the end of his visit, Kayla Braxton asked the former WWE champ if there was anything he wanted to say to the fans. Drew responded:

“I just want to apologize for everybody — that I missed my dates, I missed the towns. You know it’s not like me unless there’s a reason.

“Obviously, the rumor and innuendo is out there. What’s going on with Drew McIntyre? What’s going on with the future? The future doesn’t matter. What matters is the present, and presently Drew McIntyre is back. And if you’re heading to a WWE show, and Drew McIntyre’s there you know you’re gonna get 110%. And finally, finally, finally I’m chasing that big moment with a title in front of live fans. So let’s make that happen finally.”

McIntyre’s biggest moments with a title happened during the pandemic, and the chance to win a belt in front of a hot crowd could have been one of the things he was working with creative on while he was out.

Will Drew McIntyre end Gunther’s epic Intercontinental reign? The Scotsman wants us to focus on that, and not what might happen when his WWE contract expires next year.

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