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So, what do we think of Dominik Mysterio’s new nickname?

Heading into Money in the Bank last week, WWE Women’s World champion Rhea Ripley started referring to her kayfabe man Dominik Mysterio as “Dirty Dom”.

It’s since become clear this isn’t just a pet name Ripley’s going to use for Mysterio, but something WWE is behind. Raw color commentator Corey Graves referred to Dom as “Dirty” throughout last night (July 3)’s episode, and it was included on the match graphic for Mysterio’s main event showdown with another officially nickname-d Superstar...

Dirty Dom is the latest in a long line of pro wrestlers to use that particular adjective as part of their name (it’s been popular with Dicks like Murdoch and Slater, but Dutch Mantell was also Dirty, and Dango currently is). It also might be the latest example of “does anyone at WWE headquarters know how to use Google?!?!”, as the things that come up in search along with Rey’s son are a vlogger who was accused of sexual assault and a series of “HOT mafia romance” books... but we figure loving to hate the wrestling Dirty Dom will help WWE’s version to dominate the results page in no time.

But what do y’all think of Dom’s new nickname? Personally, I liked it better when it was just something Rhea used...

... but WWE pushing it doesn’t ruin it. I’ll still probably always think of him as “Prison Dom”, though.

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