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Gable Steveson’s first pro wrestling match ends in a double countout

Gable Steveson, after years of flirting with WWE, signing with the company, training, doing appearances, and pretty much everything other than actually wrestling, had his first official match at tonight’s (Sun., July 30, 2023) The Great American Bash Premium Live Event in Cedar Park, Texas, against Baron Corbin.

And it ended with the crowd loudly chanting “bull-shit! Bull-shit! Bull-shit!”

That’s because, after what was a decent enough match for the first of his career, he and Corbin found themselves brawling on the outside while the referee was counting in the ring. They never made it back before the count of 10, so it was a double countout.

Hence the “bull-shit” chant.

They quickly got the crowd back on their side, to be fair, by simply amping up the intensity and continuing their brawl. When a large group of officials hit the scene to break it up, Steveson started throwing them around before putting Corbin through the barricade.

So at least it ended in an exciting way?

I guess.

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