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Tiffany Stratton retains NXT women’s championship when Andre Chase throws in the towel for Thea Hail

Thea Hail, at just 19-years-old, has managed to turn herself into a top prospect in WWE, working her way through Chase University to challenging Tiffany Stratton for the NXT women’s championship at tonight’s (Sun., July 30, 2023) Great American Bash Premium Live Event in Cedar Park, Texas.

The setup was simple — Hail tapped Stratton in their first match but the referee didn’t see it and Tiffany managed to escape with her title. Hail, not wanting a repeat, coerced her into doing a Submission match for their second battle.

Hail had the support of Andre Chase and Duke Hudson but it was Stratton who was throwing submission after submission throughout the match. Hail got the kimura a time or two but the champion always managed to find her way out, including using a rope break (even though there aren’t any in a match like this).

The finish was ... really something.

Stratton got a Boston Crab and Hail fought forever to hold on. Stratton kept losing her hold, though, and had to reposition multiple times, including straight up falling over and having to reapply the hold at one point. Later, she switched to a single leg because she couldn’t keep a grip on the second leg.

Finally, mercifully, Chase threw in the towel.

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