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WWE NXT Great American Bash 2023 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE NXT Great American Bash is all set to pop off today (Sun., July 30, 2023) at 8pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT Great American Bash below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NXT heads to H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, Texas for their latest premium live event. This one has four titles on the line, a Weapons Wild match, the debut of Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson, and more. We can help get you up to speed on all that in our preview & predictions!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!


Carmelo Hayes def. Ilja Dragunov
Tiffany Stratton def. Thea Hail
Dominik Mysterio def. Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali
Gable Steveson vs. Baron Corbin goes to a double countout draw
Roxanne Perez def. Blair Davenport
D’Angelo Family def. Gallus
Dragon Lee, Nathan Frazer, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz def. Meta-Four


I am the world that hides the universal secret of all time. Destruction of the empty spaces is my one and only crime. I’ve lived a thousand times, I found out what it means to be believed, and now I’m here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Dragon Lee, Nathan Frazer, Valentina Feroz, & Yulisa Leon vs. Meta-Four (Jakkara Jackson, Lash Legend, Noam Dar, & Oro Mensah) (Mixed Tag Team Match)

Dar and Frazer to start, feeling out, trading pins, up and over, duck a lariat, quebrada, nobody home but Nathan snaps off a dropkick that frustrates the Scottish Supernova enough to get him to tag Legend in! Leon in, taking control, Feroz tags in, assisted splash, cover for a nearfall. Lash with a pop-up, Valentina blocks but Legend hosses her back up into a biel!

Back over to the men, Lee and Mensah at it, Oro blasts him with a northern lariat and puts boots to him! Mensah in a bad way, Meta-Four make the save, Dar in on Frazer, off the ropes, big lariat but a dropkick sends Noam to the floor! Nathan off the ropes, Lash runs interference, Feroz dives on her with a big tijeras!

Fountain of dives ensues, Lee hits his over-the-ropes tijeras and Frazer blasts Dar with a suicide dive! Back inside, Noam gets a nearfall off a back elbow, fired up, blocked with a superkick, Nathan hits a springboard moonsault inverted DDT but Jackson throws herself in front of Dar to make the save!

Legend tags in, back suplex, pass Lash into the corner, Yulisa with a jumping clothesline, missile dropkick! Feroz in with a DDT, Noam breaks up the pin! Breaking down, coalescing out of the chaos, Mensah with a Gallon Throw on Lee! Into the corner, back body drop sets up a superkick, tornado DDT on Dar!

Tag to Frazer, Mensah almost takes him out, kicks all around, springboard Spanish Fly, tag to Dragon and a tope con giro takes Dar out! Lee runs in...

Dragon Lee, Nathan Frazer, Valentina Feroz, & Yulisa Leon win by pinfall with an Asai DDT from Lee on Oro Mensah.

The show opens with a clip of the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and a video package from Cody Rhodes about his influence on NXT.

D’Angelo Family (Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Wolfgang immediately taking control of Stacks and getting him in the corner for a good working over. Eventually we get a tag to D’Angelo, in hot with belly-to-belly suplexes and a big spinning spinebuster, Coffey kicks out and Wolfgang accidentally blasts him with a senton when he misjudges his timing!

Setting Mark up in the corner, superplex into a diving headbutt... WOLFGANG BREAKS IT UP! Match breaks down, Wolfgang with a moonsault... STACKS KICKS OUT! Joe Coffey gets the sawed-off baseball bat out, referee sees it and takes it away, Boot o’ Doom... D’ANGELO BREAKS IT UP!

Tony blasts Joe with the crowbar, Rocket Launcher puts Stacks into the rest of Gallus, Wolfgang back inside, tag made...

D’Angelo Family win by pinfall with a double back suplex, becoming your new NXT Tag Team Champions.

We get footage of Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes arriving at the arena earlier today.

Blair Davenport vs. Roxanne Perez (Weapons Wild Match)

Davenport ambushes Perez during her entrance, brawling around the ring, Roxanne sidesteps and Blair kicks the steps! Back inside, Perez with a dive, throwing Davenport back inside and then clotheslining her right back to the floor! Blair turning the tide with chairs, throwing them at Roxanne, back inside, putting her in a trash can and smashing the can with a branding iron!

Throwing more trash cans inside, kicking Perez’s head in, wedging a chair in the turnbuckles and throwing her right into it! Roxanne back in it with a Van Terminator, stumbling out to the floor after Blair and getting whipped with a belt for her trouble! Taunting Perez’s family, Roxanne gets a bullrope from under the ring and blasts Davenport with the bell!

Whiping her with the belt now, tying it around her wrist and whipping her hard into the barricade with it! Perez gets a table out and sets it up, ramming Blair into the apron a few times, throwing her in the ring, up top but Davenport trips her up! A little feng shui on some chairs, making a nice little pile, German suplex blocked, Blair goes into the chair wedged in the corner and Roxanne sets her up for Pop Rox... DENIED!

Davenport hits a Falcon Arrow into a trash can... NOT ENOUGH! Springboard stomp follows it up but she doesn’t get all of it, Perez hits the side Russian legsweep! Setting Blair on the table, Roxanne goes up top... SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Back inside, fired up, rolling solebutt sets her up...

Roxanne Perez wins by pinfall with Pop Rox on some chairs.

Baron Corbin vs. Gable Steveson

Steveson goes for a single leg but Corbin scrambles away! Go-behind, Baron breaks with a back elbow, Gable throws a forearm shiver of his own and then gets blasted into the corner by Corbin! Lone Wolf throwing hands, Steveson backs him off and he regroups on the floor!

Back inside, duck a lariat, big leapfrog, Gable picks the leg into the ankle lock but Baron gets the ropes and forces the break! German suplex on the floor, Corbin puts him into the post after, back inside, mounted punches from Baron and then the puts Steveson’s head into the post!

Right hands, Corbin pressing the attack, Gable filling with resolve, rising to his feet with punches, overhead belly-to-belly suplexes, a full trifecta, and a clothesline to the floor! Following out after, putting Baron back inside and clotheslining him out the other side of the ring!

Brawling on the floor, Steveson throws him over the announce desk and Corbin lays him out with a diving brain chop off the desk! Referee Darryl Sharma counting as they brawl...

The match goes to a double countout draw!

Post-match, both men keep brawling and it develops into a pull-apart!

Lyra Valkyria is interviewed backstage.

She’s thirsty for more and she’s got a fire under her for her match on Tuesday, and she’s very curious about the women’s title match tonight.

Jacy Jayne blindsides her and they brawl until referees and road agents show up to pull them apart!

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Wes Lee (NXT North American Championship)

Mysterio running away, Rhea Ripley grabs the title belt and gets between him and Ali, but Lee comes from the other side and Dominik tries and fails to run away through the ring as Mustafa and Wes put boots to him! Right hands in the corner, they keep the pressure up but eventually Mysterio knocks them down out of the corner and gains control!

Throwing Ali back inside, Lee comes in, Three Amigos, back and forth, Dom eats a big dropkick from Mustafa, boot up, tornado DDT on Lee... NOPE! Ali with stereo submissions, Boston Crab on Wes, Camel Clutch on Dom, Mysterio bites his hand to force the break!

Dropkick to Mustafa, drop toehold on Lee, Ali cuts him off with a crescent kick and has one for Wes too! Both men hanging over the bottom rope, Mustafa tears a turnbuckle cover off and climbs up top... 450 SPLASH ONTO THE APRON! Wes upkicks Dominik, sending him to the floor, short dive lays him out!

Rhea Ripley up on the apron to plead but Lee drops Dom cold! Giving her chase, she pulls him off the apron and hits Riptide into the announce table! Back inside, Rhea throws the title in as a distraction, referee DA Brewer takes it away, Ripley gives him her title instead, he cracks Wes with it... NOT ENOUGH!

Mysterio up top, Ali cuts him off with a dropkick, leaving him hanging in the ropes, Mustafa climbs up, 450 splash... RHEA PULLS HIM OFF THE COVER! Dom goes up top...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with the frog splash on Wes Lee, retaining the NXT North American Championship.

Trick Williams is interviewed backstage.

He says Ilja Dragunov may respect their friendship but he’ll never understand it, because they go way back like a series of sports analogies I do not understand. Tonight, Melo will show the world why he is HIM.

Thea Hail vs. Tiffany Stratton (c) (NXT Women’s Championship Submission Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Stratton goes for a schoolboy but is reminded that there are no pinfalls here! Hail with a cravate, Tiffany gets away, looking for a Romero Special, stretching Thea out into full extension! Hail reverses, Fujiwara armbar attempt, Stratton breaks free, action to the floor and back in and the champion is in control!

Deathlock bow-and-arrow, Thea gets away, blocking punches, throwing her own, Tiffany gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and sets her up in the turnbuckles! Handspring back elbow, up in a Canadian backbreaker rack, Hail kicks off the turnbuckles to reverse! Stratton with a whip, backbreaker countered to an arm drag, flying elbows!

Fisherman suplex, standing senton atomico, springboard senton... THE KNEES ARE UP! Tiffany with a bodyscissors, wrenching it in, Thea gets her feet under her but Stratton slips out! Hail with a bulldog, kick sends her to the floor and a suicide dive follows! Throwing Tiffany into the post shoulder-first, Thea off the top, diving crossbody!

Stratton rolls through, hossing her up, Hail wants the double wristlock but a fallaway slam into the turnbuckles blocks! Jockeying for position, exploder superplex, Thea gets the double wristlock! Tiffany slapping the mat in frustration, no tap, she gets the ropes but there’s no breaks!

To the floor, champion throws her into the steel steps, back inside, moonsault, Boston Crab in the middle of the ring! Crawling, struggling, Stratton drags her back into the middle of the ring, sitting down deep in the crab! Tiffany readjusts, a knee on the back, to the half-crab... DUKE HUDSON THROWS THE TOWEL IN!

Tiffany Stratton wins by submission with a half-crab and a knee to the back, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

We get a recap of the pre-show match.

The winning team are shown backstage hanging out and shaking hands and we follow Dragon Lee as he walks off and runs into Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley.

Ripley calls him a wannabe Rey Mysterio, Dragon says Rey is a legend but he has his own story and Dom knows who he is. Mysterio says his dad is a deadbeat and a hypocrite, not an original like he is, and he walks off.

Footage of the Schism arguing from last week’s NXT follows and commentary hypes up this week’s show.

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov (NXT Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Hayes with a wristlock, taking him down, knee across his neck, Dragunov reverses to shoulder armbreakers, Carmelo with an armbar and a knee across his neck! Headlock takeover, reverse chinlock from the challenger! Hayes takes him down with an arm drag, scraping his forearm bone across the challenger’s jaw!

Rolling solebutt, big chop, Ilja takes him hard into the corner for a chop of his own! Melo walking into him with forearms, whip reversed, springboard lariat takes Dragunov off his feet! Big boot sends him to the floor and Hayes waits for him to get up and beat the count!

Ilja back inside, off the ropes, front kick, whip reversed, lariat from Carmelo, snapmare, Dragunov blocks the Penalty Kick! Forearms get an enzuigiri, Ilja struggling over a waistlock, forearm to the back, catch the springboard, Everest German suplex! Huge swinging lariat, Dragunov checking his teeth, fired up!

Rolling German suplexes, into the bridge... NOPE! Falling elbow, jumping senton, cover for two. Struggling on the mat, Ilja backs him into the corner for more chops. Hayes blasts him back with one of his own, proving machine gun chops from Dragunov! Backfist, cover for two!

Uppercut for forearm in the middle of the ring, chops cut the champion down, superkick exchanged for the Constantine Special... STILL NO! Grounded Cobra Clutch, bodyscissors applied, Hayes fading, flagging but not failing, to his feet, Ilja readjusts but the champion floats over into a pin... NOT ENOUGH!

Short-arm lariat from the challenger, Hayes defiant with a handful of hair but Ilja pulls him up for another short-arm lariat! Carmelo blocks the third with a series of kicks, kicking his head in! Forearm, Ilja pops up with an enzuigiri... HAYES WITH LA MISTICA AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN AND OUT!

Back to trading strikes, single knee facebreaker and a lariat from the champion and they’re down and out again! Ilja with the hammer and anvil elbows, waistlock, Carmelo with overhead elbows of his own, off the ropes, springboard DDT... DRAGUNOV KICKS OUT! Mounted punches, Hayes goes up top, Dragunov cuts him off with an enzuigiri and slams him down!

Ilja perches, big diving senton for two! Back up top, diving, Hayes meets him with a Codebreaker! Carmelo goes for Nothing But Net... COUNTERED WITH A POWERBOMB! Dragunov calls for it, falling forearm smash... NO GOOD! Hayes into the corner, Ilja sets him up top, jockeying for position... HAYES REVERSES MIDAIR INTO AN ACE CRUSHER BUT CAN’T PUT ILJA AWAY!

Trick Williams giving him a pep talk, demanding the title from the timekeeper to remind Hayes of why he’s doing this! Both men down, trading kicks to the face, a chop sends Hayes into the ropes, falling elbow follows and they start trading forearms! Roundhouse from Melo, more forearms, stereo kicks and both men are down and out!

To the floor, Torpedo Moskau on Trick, Ilja’s stunned, back inside, Hayes off the top...

Carmelo Hayes wins by pinfall with Nothing But Net, retaining the NXT Championship.

That’s the show, folks.

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