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WWE NXT Great American Bash 2023 preview & predictions

Sun., July 30, WWE NXT is back on on Peacock (here in the United States; internationally you’ll find them wherever you get WWE Network) with its Great American Bash premium live event. The show from H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, Texas will officially start at 8pm ET, but there will also be a free pre-show one hour beforehand.

Four titles will be on the line at the Great American Bash, plus we’re getting a Weapons Wild match and an Olympian’s debut — so there’s a lot to be excited about.

In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to get ready for tomorrow night’s show, with a quick recap of how we got to every match, and thoughts & predictions from our motley crew of NXT-following Cagesiders on each.

Let’s get to it.

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov for the NXT championship

Since winning the belt at Stand & Deliver, Carmelo Hayes has taken on all comers, from Bron Breakker to Baron Corbin to The Judgment Day. After beating Breakker in a #1 contender’s match, the invincible Ilja Dragunov has next.

Geno Mrosko: We’ve absolutely reached that point in time when we should start expecting Hayes to lose simply because he’s so obviously ready for bigger and better things. He’s already been flirting with the main roster. But it’s not time just yet. Pick: Carmelo Hayes

Sean Rueter: Because Melo & Trick are ready for bigger things, and because I’m constitutionally incapable of picking against the Mad Russian. Pick: Ilja Dragunov

Claire Elizabeth: As much as Ilja Dragunov is probably my favorite guy on the NXT roster today, there’s just no way Carmelo gets off this horse just yet. Pick: Carmelo Hayes

Marcus Benjamin: Carmelo Hayes is ready for the big time. I don’t think anyone in WWE thinks otherwise. However, i believe that they believe more he can elevate those around him just a little bit more until his time comes. But I am intrigued at recent developments between Melo and Trick Williams. IF I pick against Melo, that’s why. But I’m not so whatever between them will wait for another day. Pick: Carmelo Hayes

Tiffany Stratton vs. Thea Hail in a Submission Match for the NXT Women’s title

Chase U’s Thea Hail won a battle royal for a Gold Rush title shot, where she tapped out Tiffany Stratton... while the referee wasn’t looking. Now, if the Prettiest Title Reign Ever is to continue, the champ will need to lock in the Prettiest Submission Ever before Hail gets her in a Kimura Lock.

Geno Mrosko: I’m a big fan of Hail, and think they feel similar but that doesn’t mean they think more highly of her than they do Stratton. Pick: Tiffany Stratton

Sean Rueter: Hail’s done well with this opportunity, but she’s got plenty of time before she needs to be a champion. Meanwhile, it feels like Tiffy Time is just getting started. Pick: Tiffany Stratton

Claire Elizabeth: My heart says the plucky underdog already showed she can tap Stratton out more or less as she pleases and the match is a mere formality. My head says all it takes is one Tiffany Epiphany about bringing backup to make sure Thea can’t do the deal. I think I’m going with my head on this one. Pick: Tiffany Stratton

Marcus Benjamin: This isn’t Thea Hail’s story. Tiffany evolves her game and overcomes the odds since the deck isn’t stacked in her favor. Pick: Tiffany Stratton

Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali for the NXT North American championship

Mustafa Ali quickly inserted himself into the North American title scene upon arriving in NXT, and finessed Tyler Bate out of the picture to set-up a GAB title shot for himself. The Dirty Dom showed up and took advantage of “fighting champ” Wes Lee, ending Lee’s long reign with Judgment Day’s help. An angry Ali blamed Wes for taking a match with Dom in the first place, and set the stage for tonight’s Triple Threat.

Geno Mrosko: Considering how well Judgment Day moving around between shows has been received, I could see them actually sticking with Dirty Dom as champion and simply having him work more often. Matches like this will certainly help his development. Having said that, I don’t actually think they go that route, and a triple threat makes for a safe place to lose a title for someone you don’t want to pin. Pick: Wes Lee

Sean Rueter: Rhea Ripley’s boy toy is bringing eyeballs to the brand while getting training & reps that — while he might not need them per se, certainly will be good for him in the long run. No reason not to keep things as they are for another month or so. Pick: Dirty Dom Mysterio

Claire Elizabeth: As interesting as it would be to have Judgment Day truly run WWE across all three brands, the level the sea tends to find trends towards these kinds of situations not lasting long, so I’m gonna indulge myself and pick a man I’ve loved watching wrestle every since I had to squint through single-camera YouTube feed static to do so. Pick: Mustafa Ali

Marcus Benjamin: I think WWE wants Judgment Day in NXT for the foreseeable future. And what better way than keeping the belt on Dirty Dom? Pick: Dirty Dom

Gallus (c) vs. The Family for the NXT Tag Team titles

Tony D’Angelo set his sights on a Tag title shot for himself & his Underboss, so Joe & Mark Coffey and Wolfgang snitched him out to the cops — and tried to frame Stacks as the snitch. We had a match between Joe & Stacks with a title shot & The Don’s freedom on the line, during which The Family revealed they’d set the whole thing up to get a championship match. We don’t know either... just go with it.

Geno Mrosko: There’s just no way they did all this building up to not make the change. The only other option I could see would be having Stacks end up turning on D’Angelo and I just don’t think that’s where we’re headed. Pick: The Family

Sean Rueter: If we went through all that for no change... oof, Madone. I’m gonna have a bad case of agita. Pick: The Family

Claire Elizabeth: Please just let Gallus lose the tag titles before the D’Angelo Family inevitably does something else that makes me hate them again. Pick: D’Angelo Family

Marcus Benjamin: It’s The Family if only because I refuse to pick a snitch. Pick: The Family

Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport in a Weapons Wild Match

After former NXT Women’s champion became the latest victim in a string of assaults, NXT UK’s Blair Davenport revealed she was responsible for them all. A war of words and a Perez backstage assault on Davenport led to a match won by the Brit. Threats from Blair led to this GAB match, and Roxanne attacking her at an Austin grocery store last week.

Geno Mrosko: It feels like Perez should win here but I’m not really sure what they’re doing with her after the way her title reign played out and everything after it. Pick: Blair Davenport

Sean Rueter: If I learned anything from living in the Lone Star State for 14 years, it’s this... don’t bet against a pissed off Texan, especially not when the fight is in Texas. Pick: Roxanne Perez

Claire Elizabeth: Roxanne showed a real mean streak in that gas station beatdown but I suspect it’ll take more than a mean streak to win here. Pick: Blair Davenport

Marcus Benjamin: I think Blair Davenport’s cockiness gets her off her game. Roxanne Perez showed a mean streak and I see her conquering here. Pick: Roxanne Perez

Baron Corbin vs. Gable Steveson

Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson has decided to stick around in NXT, not long after former Mr. Money in the Bank & King of the Ring Baron Corbin decided to regain his mojo & redefine himself by returning to the brand. Now, each sees the other as a way to make a statement about their future.

Geno Mrosko: My best guess here is that Steveson picks up the win and Corbin, in a rage, beats him down to send him off after so he can go pursue the other things he talked so openly about wanting to do. Pick: Gable Steveson

Sean Rueter: Can I pick someone else? Neither of these guys should lose at this point, so maybe Dijak can just roll-up and boot them both. Oh wait, he’s got Eddy Thorpe in his sights. Okay, well, at least if Corbin losses it feeds into his whole identity crisis/vision quest deal. Pick: Gable Steveson

Claire Elizabeth: Easy peasy, big win for the man that gave up another crack at the Olympics to be here. Pick: Gable Steveson

Marcus Benjamin: I mean...come on. Pick: Gable Stevenson

Dragon Lee, Nathan Frazer, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz vs. Meta-Four

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend helped Naom Dar retain the Heritage Cup at Battleground, then officially joined forces with Dar & Oro Mensah. Mensah filled in for an “injured” Dar when he defended the Cup against Nathan Frazer, but Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz thwarted Legend & Jackson’s interference this time, and Frazer won the Cup. Shenanigans followed.

Geno Mrosko: There will be shenanigans related to the Heritage Cup and Dar is going to lose his mind again, leading to a loss. Pick: Lee & Frazer & Leon

Sean Rueter: Since the Cup isn’t on the line, this seems like a good place to get Noam, et al a win. Pick: The Meta-Four

Claire Elizabeth: Babyfaces win, cause pre-show. Pick: Lee, Frazer, Leon & Feroz

Marcus Benjamin: TI want Meta-Four to get some love her because they need some credibility. Plus, they’re an actual team going against a makeshift squad. Pick: The Meta-Four

Now give us your picks! Then follow our coverage tonight and we’ll see how we all did.

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