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Kevin Nash on LA Knight: ‘Am the only one that sees an absolute ripoff of The Rock?’

We’ve found one of those critics LA Knight was responding to in interviews last week.

On the latest episode of his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash & his co-host Sean Oliver discuss (among many, many other things) who might follow Roman Reigns as wrestling’s next big star. The phrase “the next Rock or Stone Cold” gets used a couple of times, which reminded Nash that he wanted to get something off his chest about fan favorite Knight:

“Am the only one that sees an absolute ripoff of The Rock? To the point where he cut the promo on fucking Logan Paul or whatever the fuck is name is, he said, ‘Yeah, stick it’ — the only thing he didn’t do was turn the motherfucker sideways. Jesus Christ. What, does everybody have amnesia? There’s nothing original. ‘Oh, man, his promo.’ His fucking promos. ’Finally, LA Knight has come back as a white guy.’ Fucking uncle.”

Now, this very well may be Big Sexy’s honest take on LA. But I’ll offer a couple pieces of context before we get out the pitchforks and torches...

  1. Nash has been known to have some fun on his pod (even about subjects that he maybe shouldn’t). His mocking of Knight strikes me as more “Steve Austin and I gave up watching AEW for Lent” than “AEW wrestlers need more reps”, is what I’m saying.
  2. The opening stretch of this episode is a story about how stoned he, Sean Waltman & Scott Hall got from an edible before taping a Kliq-themed episode of WWE Table For Three back in 2016, and Nash says he’s “hopped up on that liquid THC” before launching into that story, so... see point numero uno.

Now, feel free to talk to us about Diesel’s quotes about LA. You can listen to them yourself here.

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