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Natalya awarded six Guinness World Records at Money in the Bank

Natalya’s won two singles titles and had one tag team championship run during her 15+ years in WWE. But most of her time in the company has been spent doing what she’s currently doing on our screens with Rhea Ripley — doing whatever it is the brass thinks will help make other wrestlers look good.

Do that consistently over a decade-and-a-half, though? You can rack up some pretty impressive stats. Even though she wasn’t on the card in London on Saturday (July 1), WWE made sure Nattie was recognized for those backstage at Money in the Bank.

The third generation wrestler was awarded with six awards by the folks at Guinness World Records (who still publish the “Book of” that a lot of us remember, but these days mostly focus on authenticating and promoting achievements people and companies pay them to verify).

Two of those reflect updated totals for World Records Natalya already held: Most PPV/PLE appearances and most wins by a female Superstar. Here are the 41 year olds updated totals for those, and the details on the four other certificates she collected Saturday:

• Most WWE matches (female) - 1,514

• Most WWE wins in a career (female) - 663

• Most WWE PLE appearances (female) - 75

• Most WWE WrestleMania appearances (female) - 8

• Most WWE Raw matches - 174

• Most WWE SmackDown matches - 200

Nattie tweeted some thoughts on her Record-setting career, and those reflect why she’s a valued, respected presence in the WWE locker room:

She’ll pad a couple of those stats when she takes on Ripley again tonight (July 3) on Raw... but we don’t think she’s leaving with the WWE Women’s World title, so “wins” might not be one of them.

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