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Hulk Hogan praises The Miz: ‘He understands this business a lot more than most’

Hogan says Miz is among a rare few who ‘gets it.’

For almost 20 years, The Miz has been telling wrestling fans that he’s awesome. One person who believes him is two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

During a recent appearance on comedian Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, Hogan was talking about his life and career when Von mentioned that he was friends with The Miz. That’s when Hogan stopped the host to take a moment to praise the multi-time wrestling champion and reality TV star.

“That brother is keeping this art form alive. Every time I see him, I tell him how much I love him for what he’s done because he understands this business a lot more than most of the guys do. There’s probably two or three guys that I can pick out that understand that business. He’s one of them. And he gets it.”

It’s hard to argue Hogan’s point, as The Miz has clearly been doing something right for a long time, given his accomplishments during his tenure with WWE. That includes winning two world titles, main eventing WrestleMania, and starring in several films and a reality show about him and his wife Maryse on the USA Network, Miz & Mrs.

However, an underappreciated fact about The Miz is how he rose through the ranks of WWE despite not being liked among some veterans early in his career. In 2013, Miz talked about how he was the victim of hazing, telling radio station Hot 97 at the time:

“Yeah, it was brutal, man. It was one of the situations where I wasn’t allowed in the locker room, so if I had to use a restroom, I had to use the one that all the fans would be using. I’d be in my outfit going to the bathroom, and the kids would be like, “Oh my god, I think that’s the Miz using the restroom right next to me.” Like it was so embarrassing, but it taught me a lot. It made me a stronger person, and now I stand before you a former WWE Champion.”

The Miz’s road to success wasn’t always paved in gold. Still, he persevered to have an extraordinary career that’s still going strong almost two decades later. And now he has an industry legend like Hogan validating his place as one of the performers keeping the art of pro wrestling alive.

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