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Deadbeat dad Rey Mysterio refuses to call his son, threatens to take his gold

Dominik Mysterio is a hot act in WWE these days. He recently won the NXT North American championship and is booed out of every building he steps foot in.

During an interview on WWE’s The Bump, his father Rey was asked if he is proud of what Dirty Dom has accomplished in his young WWE career.

Here is Rey’s response:

“Sometimes when you fight with your kids, or your kids do the wrong things, and you gotta put ‘em in place. That’s happened for the past year with Dom and myself...And despite the issues that we might have in our family, you can’t even imagine the amount of pride and joy that I feel every time he accomplishes something. That still doesn’t take away the fact that he’s disrespected his whole family, and I’m hoping that one day, that will all change.

...The fact that he’s succeeding and becoming his own person, he’s already his own person. You don’t know how many times I would have loved to call him up and say, ‘Congratulations, son, you’re really killing it.’ But it hurts. Unfortunately, I can’t do it, and that really hurts. I wish things would be different. But as a father, despite our differences, I’m extremely proud of what he’s doing...He just better not step in the ring with me because I will take that North American title.”

So the deadbeat dad claims to be proud of his son, but then admits he hasn’t bothered to call Dom to say congratulations, and even threatens to take his gold.

Can you really blame Dirty Dom for turning his back on this guy?

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