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It sounds like the Street Profits are frustrated and ready for a change in WWE

The last year has been a frustrating one for Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in WWE. The losses are piling up, and the Street Profits are not featured as much on WWE’s TV programming compared to previous years on the main roster.

In an interview with Adam Silverstein on the Getting Over wrestling podcast, Ford and Dawkins expressed frustration with their current situation and suggested a heel turn might be on the way:

Ford: “I feel like there is huge room for more of a demeanor change....last year at SummerSlam was pretty much our official last time on the big stage to go for the tag team championships, and we didn’t succeed. And that loss stung, still to this day, stings for a long time. It’s been almost a year at this point. So, I feel like the more you get these opportunities and the more times that you don’t succeed, the more the natural feeling of [being] upset, frustrated...which leads to a possible character change. Well, whatever you’re possibly doing is not working. It’s one of those things where, if the revolving situation keeps happening, then the change must happen.”

Dawkins: “Definitely. Look man, those losses play a lot in my head, a bunch. It’s getting frustrating a little bit ‘cause you keep getting so close to something and it keeps slipping away. It’s just like right there at your fingertips, and every time you try to do it the right way, it’s just not going your way. It’s just like, alright now, look I’m sick and tired of waiting. I’m sick and tired of having to go through all these hoops to get to where the goal is to be the champions...”

Ford: “You look at guys like Roman [Reigns] and [Austin] Theory. These guys aren’t doing it the right way, but they’ve been successful for a very very long time. In the back of your mind, you go hmm, should I do the way that they’re doing? Or should I keep true to the Profits, and the righteousness, and the ability, and everything that’s been getting us reach a plateau of doing what you’ve been doing for a long time and then things don’t happen. So, maybe a change has to happen...eventually frustrations do rise and changes need to happen.”

Ford and Dawkins recently stepped into Bobby Lashley’s limousine for a (hurt?) business chat on SmackDown television, perhaps teasing the heel turn that is discussed above.

Do you think the Street Profits need an attitude change in order to get back on track in WWE? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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