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Xavier Woods: The New Day will be back on the attack in due time

Big E is doing great but may never wrestle again. Kofi Kingston is recovering from ankle surgery. Xavier Woods last match was two-and-a-half months ago.

It’s been a rough stretch for New Day fans.

But never fear, positive peoples. Woods offered an update on our boys’ status during his recent chat with Josh Martinez on Superstar Crossover. X says the group’s been very busy doing non-wrestling things (and he’s been getting swole, which is wrestling-related). He also thinks the time will soon be right for The New Day to return to the WWE scene:

“So Kofi had ankle surgery, right? So during that draft, came over to Raw, had some matches with Dom. And then, I’ve been just getting big at home, dude. I’ve been getting huge. I’ve been doing Dungeons & Dragons appearances. We’re doing USFL appearances. And that’s the interesting thing, so we haven’t been on TV in a minute, like a month, two months? Maybe. But the thing that people don’t see is all the stuff that we do outside of the ring and we have been working relentlessly on so many other things. And so we’ll be back in due time. We’ll be back in due time.

“If you look at wrestling, the landscape has changed and I love when it changes because it comes at like a slow pace and then all of a sudden, you see all these faces are faces that have only been there for like six months or a year or year-and-a-half. And that’s what’s kind of happening right now. So many people are filtering in. And so as people filter in and they get established and the crowd gets to know who they are, then all of a sudden, New Day, we’re back on the attack.”

No specific mention of E, so the attack will probably come from the tag team act Kofi & Woods were working before Kingston hurt his ankle. It’s not the full New Day experience without Large Epsilon, but we’ll take what we can get.

Ready to feel the power again?

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