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Kevin Owens reportedly has been wrestling with a broken rib ‘for a while’

WWE’s YouTube

After The Judgment Day dumped Kevin Owens on the stage during Sami Zayn’s match with Dirty Dom Mysterio on Raw last night (July 24), it didn’t take long before we were hearing that KO was legitimately injured.

The initial reports were light on details. Dave Meltzer’s from the post-Raw edition of Wrestling Observer Radio wasn’t much more in-depth, but did specify that the injury was a fractured rib. What’s more, Owens has been working with the injury “for a while”*. WWE reportedly had been waiting for a break in Owens & Zayn’s storyline to give KO time off to rest and heal.

Based on recent events, the WWE Tag champs still seem to be in the middle of a program with The Judgment Day. But it also wasn’t clear there’d be room on the SummerSlam card for a Tag title match, so Triple H & team may have identified this as a window of time where they could give Owens a few weeks while stories that will be featured Aug. 5 in Detroit take up television time anyway.

We’ll let you know anything we find out. Until then, join us in wishing KO a speedy recovery.

* Maybe that’s why he’s been “so angry”?

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