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Seth Rollins says he’s wrestling’s most stylish performer: ‘Nobody’s executing the way I do’

The World Champ talks about fashion and wrestling while shoe shopping.

Seth Rollins may be the living definition of what it means for the modern athlete to show up and show out, as WWE’s World Champ knocks ‘em dead with style, in and out of the ring.

Recently, Rollins discussed his career and fashion sense with the pop-culture brand Complex during an appearance on its Sneaker Shopping series. As the champ browsed for footwear for himself and his wife, Becky Lynch, and the couple’s daughter, Rollins explained how he became the Drip God and The Visionary after his wife hooked him up with celebrity stylist King Troi.

“It really started probably about three years ago. I was kind of coming off paternity leave. I wanted to do something different. My wife, Becky Lynch, [...] she turned me on to Troi. She said, ‘Here, he wants to work with a guy, he’s only worked with females. He wants to work with a guy, here’s your chance. Go for it. Do something different.’ And it’s been a big hit for me.”

Big is the right way to describe it, as his relationship with King Troi led to one of the most talked about moments in Raw history when Rollins showed up wearing those Big Red Boots by MSCHF.

“I’m sitting in my hotel and Troi brings in this suitcase and opens them up and pops out these Super Mario-looking things, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe that he wanted me to wear these things. And so Big Red Boots, man. MSCHF, they’re fantastic; they made for a hell of a viral moment in Brooklyn.”

As the shopping spree and interview continued, host Joe La Puma asked Rollins about his run as the World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins acknowledged the work of the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns while stating his desire to follow in the footsteps of previous fighting champions like Bret Hart and Ric Flair.

However, when asked where he ranks himself among all-time stylish wrestlers, Rollins placed himself above everyone else.

“Number one. No question. Now three years ago? Might have had a different answer for you. I would have said something like I didn’t care, but no I’m number one, [...] nobody’s taking the risks that I’m taking and nobody’s executing the way I do. So I’m number one.”

Given his wife’s history with Ric Flair over who’s the man, hopefully, Rollins’ boast won’t kick off another rivalry with the noted styler and profiler.

Check out the full video below, Cagesiders, and tell us where you rank The Visionary among the industry’s most stylish performers.

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