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Shotzi showed off her new shaved head look on WWE’s Mexico house shows

Shotzi finished the haircut Damage CTRL started a couple weeks ago, but we haven’t seen much of the Ballsy Badass since. She hasn’t been terribly active on social media. Shotzi sent pretty clear messages to Bayley on SmackDown last Friday (July 21), but those weren’t delivered in person so we didn’t get a glimpse at her new look.

That new look made its debut on the house show circuit in Mexico over the weekend though, so Shotzi’s shaved head has now been glimpsed — and shared online.

Badass, indeed. And made even more badass by the fact Shotzi changed up her style to support her sister during cancer treatment (if you’re able and so inclined, you can send Shotzi’s sister some financial support here).

Shotzi worked the same match on Monterrey that she did in Mexico City — a WWE Women’s title Triple Threat with Charlotte Flair that ended with Asuka retaining her title. She probably won’t be wrestling for the belt when we first see the Bald-ish Badass on SmackDown, but maybe after she takes care of Bayley...

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