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GUNTHER wants pro wrestling to be taken seriously

GUNTHER is known for taking this whole pro wrestling thing a lot more serious than many others in the industry but it’s always interesting hearing him talk about exactly that.

To hear him tell it to Contralona in a recent interview, he feels as though he cares more than most:

“I don’t think it’s specifically as the Intercontinental champion but just in general, I want to be the guy that raises the bar of how serious our sport gets taken to the highest possible level. I think with the Intercontinental champion I was able to raise the bar there again after it was down for a while. But I’ve always done that with even title runs outside WWE or even NXT UK. I care about this sport a lot, I think I care about it more than most of the other colleagues out there. And that’s what I want to deliver in the ring. I would say I’m almost a very selfless guy because all of my energy goes into keeping the standards of this sport up and at the end everybody benefits from it.”

Pro wrestling has evolved quite a bit through the years, especially with WWE at the top and Vince McMahon in charge, but it’s refreshing as hell to hear someone like GUNTHER speaking like this about the business. He’s not out there making a mockery of it — he’s just delivering a lot of tremendously entertaining matches that you can believe in.

What more could we possibly ask for?

The full interview:

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