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Triple H on Drew McIntyre/WWE rumors: If he had an issue, it’s news to me

Before yesterday’s (Sat., July 1, 2023) Money in the Bank event at the O2 Arena in London, England, we hadn’t heard from Drew McIntyre dating all the way back to WrestleMania. In the meantime, we had heard he’s recuperating from an undisclosed health issue and involved in what sounded like contentious negotiations with WWE about his future. The little online activity we saw from the man himself only added to the mystery of his absence.

So what was the deal?

When Triple H was asked about it at the Money in the Bank post-show press conference, he made like the rumors and reports weren’t true:

“It’s always a funny thing, the amount of speculation that happens around things. I read stuff and we see stuff all that time that’s printed and put out there and people say ‘sources say.’ Like 75-percent of it is completely off base. If Drew had an issue it’s news to me, right? He just was out with an injury and getting some stuff fixed. While he was out he had something else he wanted to get fixed so we did it, and here he is. He’s an amazing performer, one of the highlight superstars in this time frame, in this era. Thrilled to have him back and hopefully he’s here for the rest of his career. That’s how I feel about it. He and I speak about it all the time. When all this stuff was coming up, it’s funny, we were… we talk on the phone here and there and he’d be, like, just laughing like ‘oh my god, have you read this now?’ It just is what it is.”

Of course, it seems unlikely he would be forthcoming with it if there were issues but even if there were they seem to be resolved now. McIntyre is back and instantly jumping into what should be a hot program with Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

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